Book A Court Online

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Book courts for $10 per court per hour.

No paid memberships available in 2020.


 See booking help for more info and tutorials on how to book your own court in advance.  We reserve the right to rebook courts as needed. 

All players please reserve court on Club Automation for a contactless experience All courts will be charged to credit card on file. You will not be charged for rained out court time. 

$10 per court per hour for all tennis and pickleball courts. This fee applies during private lessons and small group lessons. 

In 2020 all group lessons will be no larger than 3 students and a pro in order to promote safe social distancing. 

Dwight Davis Tennis Center • 5620 Grand Drive • St. Louis, MO 63112 • 314-361-0177 Pro Shop  •


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