Booking Help

Online booking is up and running! 

To book a court please create a FREE club automation account.

You must have a credit card on file in order to book a court.

See detailed steps below. 

Club Automation Account Set Up - Creating a Free Account

1. Go to

2.  If you don't have an account click "Access My Account" (circled below)


3.  Fill out required account details, accept our waiver, and click "Create Account" 

Add A Credit Card on File - * Required

1.  Go to "View My Info" and under Billing information change "House Charge" to

 "Credit Card" and input your credit card details. 

2. Click "Save". 

Ensure that the dropdown menu has your credit card selected as your form of payment. 


Reserve A Tennis or Pickleball Court 

1.  Click "Reserve A Court" 

2.  Click on Tennis or Pickleball in the top left corner to see the court availability. 

3.  Click "Reserve A Court" on either Tennis or Pickleball court view. 

4.  Select the day / time you want to book and click on the court time you'd like to reserve. 

5. You may book in 30 minute increments. 

6. Click "Save Reservation" 

7. Click "Confirm" in the pop up dialog box. 

8. If you need to edit/cancel your reservation email

9. You will not be billed for rained out courts.