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IGNITE Pickleball is hosting Monday Evening (5:30-9 pm), Thursday Evening (7-9 pm), and Sunday Evening (6-8 pm) Spring Pickleball Leagues at Dwight Davis Tennis Center starting this Spring!


Matches consist of 3 games played to 11 against an opponent (win by 1), and teams are scheduled for two matches per league evening (around 1.5 hours of court time). Teams play 12 total matches, as well as the single elimination playoff tournament.


Advanced Level League (3.5+ level players)

Intermediate Level League (2.5-3.0 level players)

Recreational Level League (Beginner to 2.5 level players)

Teams are not split up by gender. Teams can be male/male, female/female, or mixed gender.


The leagues run for 7 weeks, and cost $85 per person ($170 per team) to register. Registrations are taken as a team, so please DO NOT tell your doubles partner to register as well. Only one person needs to register.


We accept substitute players on all weeks except for our playoff week. We play a 6-week regular season, and the final week is a playoff tournament in which all registered teams make the playoffs. If your team has a substitute player for our playoff week, you may play your first scheduled match but will not advance in the tournament.


To register or view more information, view the leagues at:

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