Gerber Wheelchair Tennis Program

The Gerber Wheelchair Tennis program is named in honor of Lyn 

Gerber, former President of The Gateway Confluence Wheelchair 

Sports Foundation, Principia College Tennis Coach, and Paralympic Coach. 


Twenty-one local wheelchair athletes ranging in age from 6 - 88 participate in the Gerber Wheelchair Tennis Program throughout the year. 



A year round wheelchair tennis program that offers free clinics and private lessons, free stringing, and strength and conditioning programs for wheelchair athletes. Some athletes are training to participate in tournaments around the US. In 2017, 5 of our athletes participated in the USTA US Open Wheelchair Championships, a Super Series event, held here at Dwight Davis Tennis Center each year. 



The program was established in 2013 and runs January 1 - December 31 every year. Clinics are on Saturday afternoons while private lessons go on 7 days a week and include customized strength and conditioning programs for athletes in all stages of training.



Dwight Davis Memorial Tennis Center (DDMTC) in Forest Park is the home of the Gerber Wheelchair Tennis Program during the spring, summer and fall months. Creve Coeur Racquet Club hosts the program in the indoor months.  DDMTC is home of the annual USTA US Open Wheelchair Championships which hosts over 150 wheelchair athletes.


Wheelchair athletes typically have higher than average medical bills and 90% of the participants in the Gerber Wheelchair tennis program cannot afford private or group tennis training. Those who can afford them donate funds directly to the program and all Gerber Wheelchair tennis participants volunteer their time to help grow the program. 

The Need 

The Gerber Wheelchair Tennis program is looking for $16,000 in sponsorship for the 2018 year. 

Over $20,000 in grants have been written and the program is waiting to hear back from grantors. 



Interested in donating to this program?

Contact Program Director Jess Campbell Batchelor


Dwight Davis Tennis Center • 5620 Grand Drive • St. Louis, MO 63112 • 314-361-0177 Pro Shop  • jess@dwightdavistennis.com


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